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Hungarian Playgrounds – Slides, Sculptures and Handcrafted Wood

Earlier this month, PlayGroundology posted a video of Hungarian youth refurbishing a neglected and unloved playground. If you haven’t read the post or watched the short video, take a peek here. It’s uplifting to see this playspace come alive again through the efforts of a group of young people.

Playgrounds in such a derelict state are few and far between. Click here for a Hungarian Playgrounds flickr gallery – slides, sculptures and handcrafted wood.

Playtime by NZSam
Playtime, a photo by NZSam on Flickr.

Thanks again to flickr photographers who allow their work to be shared in galleries.

This Old Playground

If there were a program called This Old Playground, I’m sure these young folks would steal the show. Játszótér felújítás is Hungarian for playground renovation. Just watch them get at it. The neglect here is approaching dereliction. It seems that love left long ago.

The transformation is alchemy from base metals to gold. And the youth making it all happen are platinum, heroes for neighbourhood kids. This playground has gone from old, tired and dangerous to a one love play beat. Can you even recognize it from the opening frames? Bravo for youth engagement and civic vision.

They worked hard, had fun and shared it all with us. Thanks…