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L is for Lollies, Limbo and Ludo

lollipops lollies licorice lightning liliums lemons likeness leading leadlighting llamas lizards learn laugh love like leap limits Little People Lego ludo ludocentric ludemos linguistic lilo lots of laundry Lemmings ‘laggy bands leap frog limbo Lite Brite laughing launching like-minded lazing around doing nothing in particular lobbing a ball back and forth laughing lunatics love leap frogging laughter learning leaping lightness la laguna london play landscape structures inc. leathers and associates laureate listen loosen like life-giving LOL LOL to lots of laundry limbering (up something) lolling around looking at clouds Lester, Stuart

I hope Lego lovers get a charge out of this video. It’s really quite fun.

@chrisplayiom picks up his second alliteratti award for:

laughing lunatics love leap frogging

As we change the guard from L to M, we reach the halfway point in our alphabet of play. We need to steel ourselves as we’ve got a number of tough letters ahead. Q and X stand out in that regard.

We’re now into Day 13, Letter M. Have fun – ABCs4Play.

It’s #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….