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March2Work is a March4Play

In a matter of just a few hours, Chris Gregory will be readying himself to get out the door to work at the Children’s Centre in Douglas, Isle of Man. He’s been preparing for this day since April 1, 2012. No, it’s not just any Friday. This Friday marks the beginning of an epic journey. For the entire month of March, Chris will be making his way to work by a different means of transportation to raise awareness for outdoor play and safe routes for children.

I spoke with Chris earlier in the week to get the skinny on March2Work – listen to the interview here.


If you really want something to stand out in peoples’ imaginations it has to be a little bit silly and the fact that you’re promoting children’s play it has to be something quite playful — Chris Gregory

Chris laments the changes that have come about in kids’ lives over the last two or three decades. The days when kids were out playing more, walked to school as a matter of course and generally had more independence and freedom are not that far behind us but sometimes they do feel like a distant memory.

In my case they are back in the old days a bit. It was the mid-1960s when I started walking to school on my own and getting out and about unsupervised in the world. In many respects, the lives of current day grade school kids bear little resemblance to how we played and to how independently mobile we were when I was growing up. I really think today’s kids are missing out.

Good on Chris Gregory for creating this fun and imaginative March2Work campaign. I hope it will help to broaden the conversation around children’s play and independence. PlayGroundology will be dropping in on Chris a couple of times during the month to see how he’s holding out. It can be a grueling three kilometers before he arrives at his office door.

Let’s all wish Chris well as he heads out on his maiden voyage to mark the 2nd annual March2Work.