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Palle Nielsen reboots ‘Model for a Qualitative Society’

Back in the 1968, Palle Nielsen created a play happening in Stockholm’s Moderna Museet. There had never been a play space quite like it and it’s debatable if there’s ever been once since.

Palle Nielsen VSweden’s Minister of Education Olof Palme jumps in during a visit with his sons to the 1968 Model for a Qualitative Society at Stockholm’s Moderna Museet

Nielsen got up to some recent public play at the 2013 edition of Paris’ Nuit Blanche.


For more photos and background on Model for a Qualitative Society visit Architektur für Kinder. A more detailed and authoritative interpretation of the 1968 Stockholm event is available in Lars Bang Larsen’s essay, The Mass Utopia of Art Activism: Palle Nielsen’s The Model – A Model for the Qualitative Society

Palle, how about coming over to Canada’s Ocean Playground to work with us in putting together a creative public space for play. We have our own version of Nuit Blanche too – Nocturne.