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The Day Play Was Vaporized

Sixty-six years ago, humanity reached a low point. A searing flash of destruction on an incomprehensible scale above Hiroshima brought life, play and hope to a screaming stop.

Take a moment to think of the victims of that atomic blast. Remember also that armed conflict, natural disasters and famine continue to take their toll around the world. Children are always the most vulnerable in these situations.

Life, play and hope were reborn in Hiroshima. August 6 also commemorates the strength of the human spirit, its capacity to rebuild, to re-imagine, to re-dream.

What actions can we take to help bring about the possibility of play and peace in areas of conflict and disaster?

Here’s a kid powered idea to help with the Japanese tsunami rebuild – Paper Cranes for Japan.

Free the Children is a kid led organization based in Canada that is supporting sustainable projects throughout the world.

There is plenty of good work being done by individuals and organizations at the local and global levels. Find a cause that you can support through financial contributions or personal participation. Make the world a better place.

Go to the Peace Shadow Project for more on Hiroshima remembrance.