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Thanks for Coming Out to Play

Thanks to your visits, comments, likes and and retweets, PlayGroundology continues to grow. Here at PlayGroundology central we’re pleased to have generated 500,000+ page views from play peeps in over 115 countries and welcomed nearly 500 subscribers (sign up today it’s FREE). Over on Facebook we’re zeroing in on 7,000 followers with 3,000 and counting on Twitter.

In Montreal, Sorel, Ottawa, Toronto, California, Falkland, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Paris, Halifax and on the biways and highways of Nova Scotia – PlayGroundology’s home base – I’ve met a lot of fine people who give their all for play.

I’ve made online friendships with folks who are passionate about sharing their time and knowledge in support of kids’ play. It’s nice to see people getting revved up when they are part of making a wider range of play opportunities available for kids in public spaces.

hey-play-peepsClick through on image for active links and blast off to out of this world play!

This is a thanks and a shout out to all of you. As parents and caregivers we are the most the potent force, and sometimes the most overlooked,  that can work with local governments to inform their decisions around play provisions in public spaces.

Our family continues to have some of the finest times on the play beat. Plain and simple, kids love to play. It makes them laugh, provides ample opportunities to learn about their own abilities, assess risk and gain confidence.

And along the way, we’ve been learning a lot about science, health, psychology and fun. We’ve been introduced to games like ballon poire, a game that is unique to schoolyards and playgrounds in the province of Québec.

Thanks for joining the PlayGroundology crew. We’re skipping to the beat of play. I hope you’ll continue to drop in on occasion and let your friends know about this digital playspace.

Steve Reich and The Wombats – Playground Experimental

Some days you just come across gems that are so utterly unexpected. I wonder how Jason Richardson came up with the idea to attach contact microphones directly to slides, swings and springriders and then get percussive with the metal, composite wood and plastic.

Is Leeton, Australia’s playground symphony a first? I would hazard a guess that Richardson is defining a niche of playful, minimalist music. Reminiscent of Steve Reich, I love the inventiveness, the audacity and the fun.

The work was screened recently in outdoor locations including Leeton’s Mountford Park as part of the town’s centenary celebrations. It will be part of the Burning Seed Festival (Australia’s Burning Man) in October.

If you’re not in Australia, or can’t get there for the show, there’s another excerpt of the video on Playgroundology FB, or you can watch and listen to the full 28 minute video version here.

Can’t get enough? Do like me and download the 10 track digital album For 100 Years for the princely sum of $3 US.

This story came to PlayGroundology’s attention via The Irrigator. Enjoy the layered, funky playground sounds.

For 100 YearsDigital album cover via Bassling

Tim Gill is a well known voice in the world of play. I only came across him in the last 6 months or so and he’s been very helpful to me on a couple of occasions providing insights and suggestions you can only acquire after years of immersion in a subject. Yes, it seems that Tim is immersed in play. What a fine place to be. I’m reblogging this particular post because of the all important fun element. Thanks Tim, thanks New South Wales lads.

Rethinking Childhood

I hereby invite you to stop whatever it is that you’re doing, and enjoy 2’46” of pure, unadulterated fun. Here is a video of a group of teenage boys making the most of a forest lakeside spot in New South Wales.

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Dancing the Light Fantastic

Full disclosure – I love Matt Harding’s global dance adventures. There are millions of others that are right there with me via the magic of YouTube sharing Matt’s imaginative romps around the world. Although I don’t have a patented move, I do feel some affinity with Matt because I too have a certain level of gawkiness when I throw myself wholeheartedly into the dance experience.

Matt’s back with some further adventures that he posted earlier this week. If you’re a fan of his previous work, you’ll love this too. If you’re not familiar with Matt take a peek and be ready to smile and groove.

Watch for kids in the sequences from Haiti, Thailand, Iraq, The Philippines, Finland, Australia, Serbia, Afghanistan, Gaza Strip, Scotland, Serbia and several American states. They are play, play, playing as they dance, dance, dance.

If Matt continues this wonderful series, perhaps he could consider dancing in the some of the grooviest playgrounds around the planet with casts of kids. Gulliver in Spain, the themed playgrounds of Malmö, Sweden and Amsterdam’s Amager Ark come immediately to mind. What do you think Matt? A playful backdrop and a promotion of play at the same time.

The YouTube counters have broken through the viral zone and are rising rapidly. Thanks Matt for another wonderful dancing gift and for a great accompanying tune – Trip the Light performed by Alicia Lemke.

Thanks too to fellow blogger E.W. Spider for serving this up for me to enjoy before breakfast this morning.

Happy dancing, happy play.

Introducing PlayGroundology TV

Here we go introducing PlayGroundology TV. Yes I know ‘play’ and ‘TV’ are somewhat oxymoronic, perhaps even antithetical on the active – passive continuum. PlayGroundology TV will feature fine video footage, either directly about play, or playish by nature, on an occasional basis without much in the way of words as a preamble. Most of the work will come from YouTube and Vimeo. If you see something that catches your fancy, drop a line and a link to PlayGroundology.

Without further ado, here are the first two episodes.


Many thanks to Chris not only for the video but for the entire March2Work campaign, a fun-drenched shot in the arm for play on the Isle of Man.

Chris played on his way to work for a whole month while in New Jersey they’re playing to promo a play, well a musical. Thanks to my friend Sheila who posted this on her NJ Playgrounds blog as the video features Grove Park Playground in South Orange.

Rated P for Parenthood

Rated P for Parenthood is playing Off Broadway until April 8.

Most episodes of PlayGroundology TV can be seen chez PlayGroundology on YouTube.

This is PlayGroundology TV signing off until our next episode.