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Playful Play Advocacy from Isle of Man

Enjoy this highlights reel from the Isle of Man’s Prince of Play and March2Work mastermind, Chris Gregory.

PlayGroundology has been cheering on Chris’ March2Work campaign for the last two years. He’s a young looking fellow and speaks with a lot of vitality so I’m hoping that he and the campaign will be back for many years to come.

The concept, objectives and merriment are all highly exportable. The fun-fueled campaign certainly has all the right ingredients to catch on in other jurisdictions and draw some much needed focus to the value of outdoor play and safe routes to schools and playspaces.

Hear Chris right here from an interview recorded just prior to this year’s campaign kick off.

A Journey of Epic Proportions

How do you spice up your morning commute to work and at the same time make it more meaningful? Look no further than my friend Chris Gregory for an answer. Chris is a champion for play at the Isle of Man’s leading children’s charity The Children’s Centre. To raise awareness for outdoor play and safe and playful routes for children, he is taking a different means of self propelled transport every workday for the month of March. His epic journey started out with a 3 kilometer spacehopper commute. Do I hear sore thighs?

Isle of Man News covered the action too. Click through for their video segment – Hopping to work.

It seems like March came in like a lion for Chris. After regaining his lucidity, he penned a few humourous words about the inaugural March2Work jaunt in his Play – Isle of Man blog.

The spacehopper and scooter have now bit the dust as means of transport in this commuter odyssey. Tomorrow morning, Chris will be in a canter on his hobby horse as he makes his way along the home stretch of Douglas’ Woodbourne Road. He’ll stable the horse at his office digs and get on with his day’s work in support of play.

We’ll be dropping in periodically throughout March to see how Chris is making out. Personally, I can’t wait for the hula hoop next Friday and the grand finale piggy back – Chris please try and get video of these!

Show your support for Chris, outdoor play and safe routes for kids by sending him a tweet or two to @chrisplayiom.