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Oz Nation Playground Celebration

This Sunday, November 11, St. Kilda Adventure Playground celebrates 30 years of rollicking awesome.

Photo credit – Fernando de Sousa; (CC BY-SA 2.0)

It’s another in the long line of play spots I would love to get to with my kids some day. For now, I have to content myself with living vicariously via this Flickr gallery and Pinterest collection.

St Kilda’s makes a lasting impression so much so that an Alaskan landscape designer posted his photos of the playspace at Design for Play nearly 15 years after his visit.

Photo credit – Design for Play.

And with the merry magic of YouTube, we can all get a little closer to the flying fox, the pirate brigantine and the whooshing slides (warning – headbashing music).

Many happy returns St. Kilda…..