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Water jump, Sky run, Earth bounce

We’re sliding into a post-holiday groove following our San Diego adventure. Noah-David is reunited with his buddies at school. Mélanie is shipshaping SS Domestic Bliss. I’m on the daily cross harbour commute to work and four nights a week some combination of the three kids are lacing up their soccer boots. Thankfully, sleep rhythms are almost realigned to our east coast time zone.

At the end of our first day back in The Passage, I ask Nellie-Rose if she is glad to be home. Her eyes light up. “Yes, papa,” she replies “but I miss San Diego.” I’m curious about what she’s pining for and ask. I get two words back – “the playground”.

We didn’t do a lot of purposeful playgrounding in southern California but we did check out a few. The most fun were expansive, multi-level spaces within major attractions. Nellie-Rose was remembering the good times at SeaWorld. Wobbly tunnels suspended in the air, undulating mats soft to fall on and springy rope rigging to grip, pull and climb are some of the features of this always busy playscape.

See the photos below and in this flickr slideshow to get a taste of play at SeaWorld, San Diego.

Water jumping

Sky running

Earth bouncing

And to wrap this post, here’s an aerial view of the play area courtesy of Google Maps that gives some idea of its scope.