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Putting the ‘Stop’ into Playground ‘Motion’

In an earlier post, PlayGroundology took a peek at time lapse photography. A recent flip through youtube, vimeo and flickr uncovered some pure fun stop motion moments. Four micro videos with total run time under four minutes. Treat yourself to a smile or two.

The first is a teenage romp with a soupçon of superhero, of invincible youth ricocheting around a retro playground.

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets their eye poked out. In this claymation short by Nikolas Schwenk, summary justice is dispensed to a playground ruffian.

Next a serpentine belly crawl up and over some equipment – a peaceful 10 seconds of alternative locomotion.

And to wrap up this mini-fest of stop motion, a lego epic with a pompadoured bully and an heroic penguin.

Many thanks to the filmmakers/videographers for these moments of playground fun and insight.