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Hearts of Play

In both religious and secular celebrations, giving, goodwill and peace are Christmas mainstays. For kids it’s an incredible time, a wondrous dance of merry magic dream makers feverishly anticipating the arrival of Père Nöel, Sinterklaas, or Old Saint Nick. The air is infused with hope, friendship and play.

Beyond our own homes and communities, out there in the wider world, there are those who on a daily basis act with hearts of play. My thoughts gravitate to these Pax Ludo envoys at this time of year because their mission – helping kids to explore and experience the joys of play – is so closely aligned with Santa’s selfless journey of giving.

If you are looking for a good cause to embrace, consider for a moment one of these fine organizations in Hearts of Play (click through for version with full notes).

Enjoy this time for reflection, giving thanks, and family.

NEWSFLASH, this just in – PlayGroundology’s first Haiku Deck, The Book of Play has received a ‘hai 5’ and is in the running for best Haiku Deck in the Pure Wow category. Check it out, VOTE for PLAY and share it with the hashtag #hdbestof2013.

Hats off to Haiku Deck who make storytelling a breeze. Cheers

The Book of Play

Welcome to PlayGroundology’s first ‘book’ project – The Book of Play. I hope you will enjoy the images and accompanying text.

Haiku - The Book Of Play

I have been wanting to do something like this for quite some time but I’m not gifted in the graphic design department. Haiku Deck sorted that for me with their simple and elegant approach to presentations.

Recently, they made their platform available in a desktop environment, see Tech Crunch. That got me and 1000s of other newbies playing in their sandbox. It was a good play, build, create experience and I will be back for more.

The positive response to date and the number of people checking out the deck make me think that this little project can grow and be sustained over multiple editions. Plus, I’m happy to share with you that the team at Haiku Deck has selected The Book of Play for the ‘featured presentations’ section of their site.

If you have compelling photos of kids at play from anywhere in the world that have a creative commons license, please drop me a line. I’d love to include them in subsequent editions of The Book of Play. I’d also like to hear your comments on this first issue.

Two more images before we go. The first is my parents and I back in the day. We all had a more youthful blush about us in those ancient times and Mom is absolutely stunning. Papa I wish you many more years of play on your 79 day and thank you for all the fine seasons we’ve spent together.


The last image features a photo of a man loved by hundreds of millions in every corner of the globe, a man whose compassion, courage and conviction made this world a better place. Thank you Nelson Mandela for the great gifts you fought for fearlessly. Amandla!

Nelson and young boyPhoto credit – STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP/GETTY IMAGES