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ScreenShot Mondays – The Forgotten Island

A couple of Mondays per month, PlayGroundology screenshots a cyberspot that focuses on playgrounds, or play. I hope readers dive in and explore. Even if you’ve seen the selection before, take a moment and check to see what content has been added recently.

Think of this as a very slow stumble upon, an invitation to relish something new or to revisit an old friend. Some of the people and places may be household names in the world of play and playgrounds, others not so much. I hope all will pique your interest in what they have to offer and further your own possibilities for playfulness.

The Forgotten Island

They’ve brought us the steam engine, the first iron hulled ship, the body scanner and the ultrasound, curling, golf, penicillin and universal standard time. In case you’re in an doubt, I’m talking about the great Scots – disclaimer both my parents are from what I warmly call OchAyeLand.

Well they’re at it again, this time on the banks of the River Clyde transforming industrial waste space into an urban playland. Mind you, it’s a limited time offer. At this writing, there are only 49 days left before The Forgotten Island disappears.

Children 12 and under are in for a world of funky discoveries on the island – a labyrinth, a sound forest, rainbow fields, a beach and a museaum of curiosities are some of the attractions. Click here to see 3-D models made by kids that designers worked from to float the island that thousands are enjoying.

Thinking of going, read Maria Croce’s article in the The Scotsman.

Brought to Scotland’s west coast by Giant, this is a great idea to reclaim wasted urban space – redevelop, if only temporarily, for the kids.

If the island reappears next year, I hope there will be some thought to an international contest for families. I suggest that eligible entrants could be from any country outside of the UK, or on second thought maybe just from Nova Scotia. As a grand prize, the winner will receive an all expenses paid trip to The Forgotten Island that I’m sure they will remember forever. Don’t dawdle, get that contest up and running so we can enter.