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ScreenShot Mondays – Hand-Made Play

A couple of Mondays per month, PlayGroundology screenshots a cyberspot that focuses on playgrounds, or play. I hope readers dive in and explore. Even if you’ve seen the selection before, take a moment and check to see what content has been added recently.

Think of this as a very slow stumble upon, an invitation to relish something new or to revisit an old friend. Some of the people and places may be household names in the world of play and playgrounds, others not so much. I hope all will pique your interest in what they have to offer and further your own possibilities for playfulness.

Hand-Made Play

Hand-Made Play is created out of Tokyo by Chris Berthelsen and collaborators. The site, part of the larger A Small Lab, houses a treasury of play ideas and a resource section with links to articles, books, websites and videos.

Click image to enlarge.

The masthead says it all – ‘notes from a collaborative + open research project investigating, enjoying, and learning from the self-initiated non-commercial play of children in Tokyo’. Most of the examples draw on ‘hand made, everyday creativity, play, and usable environments’.

One of the more recent additions to the Hand Made Play collection is Rainy Day Treasures: A Study on the Child’s Perception of the Street. I’ve just started strolling through this small gem tonight and am enjoying how it is shifting my perspective so much closer to ground level. The pamphlet is available as a free download.

I enjoy how Chris’ work highlights the simple pleasures and shows how galaxies of possibilities exist within the smallest of worlds. You won’t go wrong giving Hand-Made Play a few moments of your time.