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Z is for a ZigZag of Zesty Zinnias

Zulu zippity do dah zebra zinnia zumba zest zoo zapper zigzag and now time for ZZZZZs Zoom Zoom-ball zipwire! Zoids zoinks (as shaggy and scooby would say) zombies zits zealots zip zero zoom zeal zapped zed zippy zinger zany zonked

This is the end of the zipline for our ABCs4Play. It’s been a fun 26 days posting all the submissions and tweeting away like little alphabet birds.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to play and to those who have dropped by to read our collective offerings letter by letter and word by word.

Over the next two or three days, I’ll do a wrap up post on how it looks from my end. I’d love to hear your thoughts too on how you enjoyed the game and on how it could be refined.

So for now, ABCs4Play – wordplay-playwords – is going Zzzzzzzs.

Y is for Yellow Brick Road and Yodeling Yabba-Dabba-Do

Y is Why yellow yak yakking yacht yabba dabba do yeilding yolk yoke yippie i ay yippie oh, yes! Yolanda yawned yelling “Your Yardstick’s Yellow” you your yoyo yoga yum yelling yawn yahoo! Yoda yodeling yellow brick road yachts Yogi bear youtube youth “you’re it!” yahtzee yoghurt pots yelling yippee yazoo yahoo ya-ba-da-ba-doooo yessssss young youthful yelp yearn yarn yuletide yogis yeti yard Yo-ho-ho and a bottle rum Yule logs candied yams yum, yum, yum

Dorothy’s Yellow Brick Road

Thanks to all the players who were able to set aside a little time and send their Ys on Christmas Eve Day. A wonderful Yuletide present for ABCs4Play.

Today is Day 26 of our ABCs4Play Challenge. We wrap it with two postings today – ‘Y’ and ‘Z’.

X is for Xylophone, eXcited and Xanadu

xenogenesis: generation of offspring entirely unlike the parent! what about X aleX? Xtreme Xtraordinary Xceptional Xtraterrestrial Xamination X marks the spot 0s and Xs Xena Warrior Princess x-ray glasses xylophones Xmas Xylography – when X ‘cuts’ the spot! In Xanadu did Kubla Khan A stately pleasure-dome decree X is for eXcited to play and sad to eXit the playground Xamining Xchanging ideas Xultation X-treme X-Men Xena Xenophon Xanthic Xebec (4 pirate games!) Xenogenous Xenomorphic Xyston X-box! Xerox

Who knew there was such a group as Xylopholks?

Thanks to UK Kath for some free verse/free association X factors:

eXploring – X marks the spot
eXcellent – Xyloid Xylophone
eXcursion – sailing a xebec to Xanadu
eXercise – Xanthe running on the Xystus
eXhibition – X-ray of a Xenops
eXceptional – Xavier’s X-men
eXtraordinary – Xanthic Xylocarp

We’re now into Day 25, Letter Y. Have fun – ABCs4Play. Just one more day to go. After Zed we put her to bed.

Merry Christmas Eve all. ABCs4Play has been a fun gift for us to share.

Join us at #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….

W is for Wild Things, Wishing Well and Wonder

Winnicott DW wild things weird & wonderful water woods wooden swords/forts/soldiers Wombles wow! weapons wish whizz wisdom worms weaseling whoosh weeeeeee! wombats wargames wheelies wellie wanging wheels whale watching walnuts white water rafting walrus wishing well winter wonderland watch weather world whimsical wonderful words weevos! wonderment! whizzing down slides! wobble pods! Wow! winter (all) weather wild wonder wander walkie talkies wikki stiks wagon wood(en) weebles wobble but they don’t fall down! My W words are two of the most dreaded bully acts on the playground – the Wet Willie and the Wedgie wibble wobble waltzing wallop wandering walking walkabout wilting withering winking wondering wussy wistful wishes water wheels wishing wildwood wishful wondrous whizzy whizzy woo wasteland wrangling wriggle wash whoosh willful welcome whistling wacky wading wiggle waggle water play waterproofs waving waterfalls

Video adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are

This is an update, a wonderful poem by Kath Hamper. Sorry for not including this earlier Kath. This is compiled early in the morning and although I had seen it, I don’t get many email submissions – so it slipped by. Thanks so much for this piece.

Welcome, wondering wanderers!

Woven willows wave, wreathed with willowherb.

Watering, weeding, willing to work
Wheelbarrows writhing with wriggly worms.
Wetland with willows, winter-white world
Whooper swan winging, waterweeds furled.
Whimsical woodpile, woodlouse and wren,
Whisker of woodmouse, water-boatmen.

Waterproofs, wellingtons, windblown and wild,
Windmills and weather-vanes whistle and whizz.
Watching through windows, wishing for when
We walk in the woodland, wild weather again.

Weighing wastepaper while watching for wobbly wombats

Wand-waving witches, wizards with wings
Wondrous wardrobes, wool-gathering.
Word-play and writing
Wondrous and weird
Westward the wagons! We’re off Wombling….

Many thanks for all the fine Ws. X will be a bit of a stumper I think. Including today, only 3 days left. We’re in the final lap.

We’re now into Day 24, Letter X. Have fun – ABCs4Play.

Join us at #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….

V is for Vroom, Vroom, Vuvuzela and Van Eyck

vegetables vixen Vincent van Gogh viper vines viscosity vigor Virgo voice volume vortex vertigo from climbing way up high valuable venting vivid vuvuzela! vigorous vigor vim vital vitality virtue valuable vibrant venture velocity vibrations vandals Van Eyck, Aldo: visionary Dutch architect viewpoint vivacious victorious v is for very very very very very very very very fun! volleyball visiting play spaces! vessel vivid (colours, imaginations and memories!) vocal velociraptors vertical climbs village green versatile vibrant variable vital for our survival vacation vacillate vacuum flask Vader (as in D’arth) vainglorious vampires vamoose vanilla ice cream vaporise vembrace Visi Goths vandalism vaulting vengeance verbal visceral vengeance victorious vicarious Vroom-Vroom non-violent vikings vegimite vanish visit violets vegetation veg out vacant lot victory vanquished vociferous V is the roman numeral for 5 which i will count to before chasing you volunteer Vincent Lugo Park vernacular

Welcome to Marcus from PlaygroundIDEAS who is playing by email. A special mention for one of his submissions – volunteer – which so many do in the world of play.

Welcome back to Morgan @PopUpPlayShop. Hope you can hang with us for the next four days.

A special call out today to Jonathan @Magpiestear for his versatile selection of Vs.

We’re now into Day 23, Letter W. Have fun – ABCs4Play – just 1 week to go.

Join us at #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….

U is for Up, Up and Away

up, up, and away umbrellas twirling in the rain unbridled enthusiasm uninhibited! u is for underpants on the outside of your trousers! upside-down, the only way to hang in trees underground dens understanding ourselves understanding others! under then up! ummmph..roll that log.. unearthed bugs.. ugg gooey ground yay unique play! u, you and ewe unique unicorns unicycle Utopia Uganda uniform Uturn U2 united ukelele uno useful undulating terrain universal UNCRC Article 31! undercover unifying undervalued! urge umpa lumpahs U is no cause for ululation U is for ulu, my favourite word Umiaks and uluit are useful to the Inuit ubiquitous underrated ultrafantabulous ultimate unapologetic uh-oh u is for Underground as in the Secret Underground on Bloomers! Island UPHIGH on climbing frame! UPHIGH in the tree!

Umbrella Flash Mob – Seattle, USA

Welcome to Joy @JoyKuebler. Hope you’ll be able to hang with us to the final Z.

We’re closing in on the end of the ehbeezeedom trail and the tail end of the alphabet is quite a bit more challenging.

We’re now into Day 22, Letter V. Have fun – ABCs4Play – just 1 week to go.

Join us at #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….

T is for Teetering, Tottering, Testing and Tumbling

tea time trekking toasting marshmallows tiggy talking tongue twisters tumbling turtles toads two up tomboy tennis tumbling tag tearing around tightrope teeter totter top topple tug-o-war tent tea party treehouse trampoline teaching tool timeless! Tiny Tim taught the tango tactfully trees tires trikes trucks trips toboggan tubing testing treat trounce tilt tweet torque tire swing twirl tumble test tiptoe tricycle tea parties trains team trust and time T is tiptoe through the tulips! tree climbing, tree houses, tree swing – ABC meet one two tree TIME to play tents tickles toys trampolines tricks and treats tunnels towers throwing

Teeter-totters at rest – Montreal, Canada

Trees are a recurring theme today. Chris Gregory from @chrisplayiom knows of what he speaks. Check out his guerilla tree swings caper.

We’re now into Day 21, Letter U. Have fun – ABCs4Play – just 1 week to go.

Join us at #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….

S is for Sand, Snow, Splash and Spin

swim swings splashing snowdrops snow snow ball fights snowmen sledding shouting smiles slides seaside sand castles starfish shells sailing ships surfing sealions seals swimming sharks saturday sunday skate sunshine sliding slipping swing stamping snowing singing skip spin scoop socialize stomp splash swish step sing sense stick shovels sand songs space stickers snuggles sensory play siblings skills soccer sticky squirm snow days there was only ever going to be one “S” the best play item in the world is is of course… The mighty STICK! Small silly Sally saw Sam smiling standing sideways sawing sandwiches Sunday spades skateboards scooters Santa subversive substantive sublime swings see-saw shovels space skipping super slimy stomp spy silly putty smart skateboard silly shrinky dinks skating skateboarding scuffed shoes swirling skimming stones singing songs sun sea silliness salubrious Sutton-Smith B Sturrock G Smith P super soakers

Swings, Ship, Slide, Sand, Sky – Magdalen Islands, Canada – click to enlarge

I’m all smiles for this thematic salty sea submission from @miriambauman:

Seaside, sand castles, starfish, shells, sailing, ships, surfing, sealions, seals, swimming, sharks, smiles

We’re now into Day 20, Letter T. Have fun – ABCs4Play – just 1 week to go.

Join us at #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….

R is for Rockets, Roundabouts and Rascals Running

Rhinos rockets rabbits rafting roller skating roaming red roses radishes rhubarb riding rope roundabout rotator rounders Remember razzle Rhonda rolling raspberry rolls? Really? run ramp riotous rambunctious ride robot rocker rocking horse rock remote control and READY! red river rope swings ring-a-ring-roses river walking running rafts risk taking roundabouts racing ripped clothes recapitulative rowing boats rough & tumble rambling rollicking rolling roller skates releasing energy rhymes run off rowdy raucous rebellious rascals rapscallions ramshackle reading roly polys raleigh choppers roving races rackets rose petal perfume ripped jeans rainbows reminisce revenge rumpity bumpity bump romans & barbarians rope bridges ridge racer rose coloured specs redundant (as in most of GB’s play sector!) rubbish (as in scrap) red paint rainy days remote ready brek refreshing reviving rehearsal reconnecting with nature ricochet roll the dice rocks & boulders ROFL Rubiks Cube reality recess ramps Republic (by Plato) Russell W rogues random reflex robots rock & roll replay rink rebellious rocketeer rally run rascal rumble Robin Hood role play reward rebound rapacious rendezvous roaming roller blades rain

Photo from March 1963, Life Magazine with kids on a rocketship playground

Rich and prolific are fitting words to describe Jonathan’s @Magpiestear contributions for the Letter R – over 50 submissions. A banner day indeed. Thanks Jonathan, an individual record for #ABCs4Play that may stand for all time.

We’re now into Day 19, Letter S. Have fun – ABCs4Play – just 1 week to go.

Join us at #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….

Q is for Quidditch, Quiet Time and Quantumplation

queues quail quiet quirky Queensland quaver quiver Queen of Hearts quince quality question quirky queen quickly quilted quilts quietly quick quiet …errrr, Q is hard! “Queue up!” quipped the querist, “I’m on a quest. Quiz or quandry. Which Q word is best?” <—Question mark! query quip quality time qweelack quintuffle quablahs quantumplation qualidipidous quick step quiet time….at last! quidditch quintain queues for the loos quagmire qualifications quoits quackers questioning quarrelling quibble and quandary quick and quirky queen bee quits quiddich in the quadrangle quadruped quagga questing with a quadrat in a quagmire a quantity of quail quaffing from a quaich quality quarry-dust quickens quercus quiche and quizzes quivering with delight

Harry Potter – Quidditch

Q proved to be a hard taskmaster. Lynda @treeleaning rose to the challenge with a poem and poll all rolled into one.

“Queue up!” quipped the querist, “I’m on a quest. Quiz or quandry. Which Q word is best?”

And an all alliteration submission from new player Kath from the UK. Here’s an excerpt.

quick and quirky queen bee quits quiddich in the quadrangle

Here at PlayGroundology, I decided to take matters into my own hands and made up a few words.

quantumplation (noun) – the act of contemplative thinking associated with a specific challenge, or problem as in – the group was involved in significant quantumplation around theories of play.

quintuffle (noun) – boisterous pushing by a group of young children as in – there were multiple quintuffles at recess as kids queued to get on the playground equipment.

qualidipidous (adjective) – when both quality of construction and design are aligned as in – there’s nothing better than a qualidipidous playscape.

quoblahs (noun) a sense of despondency that ebbs and flows when trying to bring about change in the status quo as in – she was in the deep quoblahs following council’s decision not to pursue a play strategy.

qweelack (noun) – the sound of two opposing forces colliding as in – I could hear the qweelack right across the schoolyard and ran to see what had happened.

We’re now into Day 18, Letter R. Have fun – ABCs4Play – only 8 days to go.

Join us at #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….