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Vampires in Australian Playgrounds

Well, not exactly. But there is one playground where some scary creative for a new outdoor advertising campaign was plastered in plain sight of children. One mother went right to the heart of the matter and had the offending advertisement removed.

Ogilvy Sydney, Photographer – Mat Baker

As reported in The Manly Daily on August 5, the advertisement was placed at this particular location in error by contractors working for JCDecaux Australia. The graphic ad was removed in short order and apologies proffered to all. As you’ll note in the story, it was a Wrigley’s advertisement that had been slated for this spot.

Should there be ethical guidelines in place for advertising in proximity to playgrounds and what about advertising right in playgrounds proper? What are your thoughts and feelings on this topic?

Mum did well to get the ad yanked but I can’t help but wondering where was Buffy when she was needed?