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X is for Xylophone, eXcited and Xanadu

xenogenesis: generation of offspring entirely unlike the parent! what about X aleX? Xtreme Xtraordinary Xceptional Xtraterrestrial Xamination X marks the spot 0s and Xs Xena Warrior Princess x-ray glasses xylophones Xmas Xylography – when X ‘cuts’ the spot! In Xanadu did Kubla Khan A stately pleasure-dome decree X is for eXcited to play and sad to eXit the playground Xamining Xchanging ideas Xultation X-treme X-Men Xena Xenophon Xanthic Xebec (4 pirate games!) Xenogenous Xenomorphic Xyston X-box! Xerox

Who knew there was such a group as Xylopholks?

Thanks to UK Kath for some free verse/free association X factors:

eXploring – X marks the spot
eXcellent – Xyloid Xylophone
eXcursion – sailing a xebec to Xanadu
eXercise – Xanthe running on the Xystus
eXhibition – X-ray of a Xenops
eXceptional – Xavier’s X-men
eXtraordinary – Xanthic Xylocarp

We’re now into Day 25, Letter Y. Have fun – ABCs4Play. Just one more day to go. After Zed we put her to bed.

Merry Christmas Eve all. ABCs4Play has been a fun gift for us to share.

Join us at #ABCs4Play easy as 1, 2, 3….