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Y is for Yellow Brick Road and Yodeling Yabba-Dabba-Do

Y is Why yellow yak yakking yacht yabba dabba do yeilding yolk yoke yippie i ay yippie oh, yes! Yolanda yawned yelling “Your Yardstick’s Yellow” you your yoyo yoga yum yelling yawn yahoo! Yoda yodeling yellow brick road yachts Yogi bear youtube youth “you’re it!” yahtzee yoghurt pots yelling yippee yazoo yahoo ya-ba-da-ba-doooo yessssss young youthful yelp yearn yarn yuletide yogis yeti yard Yo-ho-ho and a bottle rum Yule logs candied yams yum, yum, yum

Dorothy’s Yellow Brick Road

Thanks to all the players who were able to set aside a little time and send their Ys on Christmas Eve Day. A wonderful Yuletide present for ABCs4Play.

Today is Day 26 of our ABCs4Play Challenge. We wrap it with two postings today – ‘Y’ and ‘Z’.