Slip, Sliding Away – The All New Icy Slopes

I’m on the lookout for the girls. It’s about -10°C and they’ve been out for close to two hours. Truth is I’m a little worried. I can’t find them in any of their usual haunts. Thinking rationally, I tell myself that there is nothing to be concerned about. We’re talking three smart girls together just out and about having fun on a weekend afternoon. Nevertheless the fear is gnawing away so I’m out in the car trying to locate them. I’m on a mission.

Rounding the corner of the school I see their heads popping up as they make their way to the top of a slope bringing them level to the road. They are happy to see me and I am ecstatic to see their ear-to-ear smiles. The fear daemon quickly recedes as I am invited to witness their game. Actually they would like to see me play too but I graciously decline.

Kids create the darndest games. What they have concocted is a glacial strip playing field about 10 meters long and just over 2 meters wide. The concept is simple enough – run up the 30° incline icy slope all the way to the top. The girls are keeping score. One point each time a player makes it to the summit. I hear some talk about rules but I can’t really pick up on what they are.


The game is by times competitive – first to the top and by times cooperative – trying to help another player from sliding to the bottom. One thing is certain the girls are having a great time. They are giddy with excitement. Each attempt on the slope holds the promise of unknown consequences. The only thing that they can safely predict is that they will wind up at the bottom more frequently than the top. The giggles give it away, this game is the highlight of the afternoon.


I am sure they will be back another day to continue with this game or invent something else new entirely.



2 responses to “Slip, Sliding Away – The All New Icy Slopes

  1. Nice observation. What’s a few bruises here or there when there’s so much fun to be had¬


  2. Hi Don – that’s the way my daughters feel by the looks of things. A bit late replying. I hope you are with the better late than never school. Cheers, Alex


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